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"My wife & I were looking or someone to install a new propane gas boiler heating system in our home. We were having a difficult time getting information and price quotes from one company. I talked to many people and a UPS driver, Chuck, suggested that I get in touch with David Aaskov. David Aaskov had done work for him and Chuck was very impressed. I soon gave David a call one morning. David came to my house that afternoon to look over the job. David gave me a detailed price quote within two business days. I received other quotes, but not very detailed and not very timely. I asked a number of questions from David, mostly via email, and David answered every one in a timely manner. David was patient and understanding, knowing that I didn't know anything about the heating system that I was looking to install. When David came to my house he explained how and where things would most likely be installed. I was impressed with the information, the care and time that David put into explaining everything. When I went to his business to make a deposit and accept his business, he showed me a system that was installed and explained how it would work. He also stated that on demand hot water could take a little time to be hot after you turn it on. After the system was installed, my wife believes that we get hot water sooner than our old system. Yes, there is a delay, but it is not that long. Everything that David said he would do, he and his team did them. David came when he said he would, he took the time that he said he would. After the Viessmann propane gas boiler system was installed he and his men took the time to go over everything and explain how everything worked. Not only did David install the heating system, but I asked if they had time to do a few water system items. David and his men said yes and also installed some new water pipes, repaired some water pipes and made our water system more efficient. I could write a number of other things that are all positive, but I will end by saying that not only are David, his son David, and Dustin very efficient in their work, but they treat you in a friendly manner. I would highly recommend that anyone have David Aaskov do any of the work that they do."
R . H from Steep Falls, ME on June 7th, 2016
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"I was increasingly convinced my 50 year old oil fired furnace needed replacing. It wept water from between the boiler sections, needed a new controller and was generally unreliable. I was unsure of the condition of the oil tank, as well. Once I made my mind up that now is the time to do something I Googled the Energy Maine website and located David Aaskov and Sons on their list of approved installers. My wife’s friend had strongly recommended David. She had suffered a freeze while she was in Florida and she was effusive about his work and his manner. I called David and he came to inspect my heating system the next day. I was inclined at first to simply replace the oil burner and, possibly, the tank. David suggested another possibility was to replace the system with a Veissman 100 Propane condensing boiler. This is a wall mounted unit a fraction of the size of my oil furnace. My cellar is inclined to be wet, so I like the fact that the unit is wall mounted. There didn’t seem to be a great difference in cost between replacing all the oil components or switching to the Propane burner. I applied to Energy Maine for a low interest loan and upon approval went ahead with the installation. It took 2 ½ days to install. David’s crew is polite, industrious and considerate. They installed a complete working system for the price quoted and did not nickel and dime me for extras. Their workmanship is immaculate and they carted off the old 900 lb boiler and oil tank and left my cellar debris free. I am very pleased with the whole heating replacement process. "
D . D from Casco, ME on May 13th, 2016
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"Great service at an affordable price. David was friendly, informative and able to address our immediate issues and offer advice for our future needs. We will be sure to call again."
J . C from Windham, ME on February 13th, 2016
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" After dealing with 3 companies for 4 days, I submitted my name on this website. David called and came over that same day which was a Saturday. He sent me a quote on Sunday so I could send it to Efficiency Maine before Monday. He and his workers came over on Monday to take the mess of pipes and old furnace down off the wall. Mind you a large company replaced a large furnace with a wall model 11 years prior and left pipes cut and hanging. On Tuesday at 9 am David's worker showed up to start installing the new Viessmann 100 at 9 am. At 6pm when I got home from work, I had heat, hot water and full water pressure I didn't even know was wrong. David and his workers went above and beyond to make the new furnace look very organized, functional, safe and clean. Now I have a white wall with a white furnace, shiny new pipes and a gas line that goes along the ceiling. In addition to the installation he cleaned and conditioned all the pipes in the baseboards so there is no corrosion etc in the pipes. He replaced the unbonded gas line which was just hanging from the furnace behind my washer and dryer to the outside wall. He checked the hot water and found the pressure was off between faucets, so he changed my filter. When that didn't fix the problem he replaced two parts on my well water tank. He also called my gas company and had them replace a part on the tank that was leaking. I couldn't have asked for any better of a job. They did all this with only going over a quote I received to just change out the broken furnace with a newer model by $800. When considering I now have a better quality furnace, all new pipes by the furnace, new gas line and 2 new parts on my well. I believe I got a great deal. I would recommend them to everyone. "
K . P from Naples, ME on February 10th, 2016
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"In February 2016, our service technician informed us that our System 2000 (installed in 1988) boiler was damaged beyond repair and leaking propane into our house. We temporarily moved out of the house and I went into high-speed research mode to find the right boiler system and technician to install it. I received a couple of quotes from some well-known HVAC companies in the greater Portland area, but my wonderful, detective mother-in-law read nothing but excellent reviews about David Aaskov on Angie's List and Efficiency Maine's websites. I called David and informed him of our situation. David was tremendously responsive and wanted to see the boiler setup immediately. I informed him that I would be home the following day and he showed up as promised. David provided me with a quote for a Viessmann 200 that evening and was ready to install the new boiler the following day! His quote for the Viessmann 200 was a $4,000-$5,000 less expensive that his competitors. David and his son were at the house the following day, as promised, and had the new boiler installed the next day. They were very professional and I highly recommend you contact them for any heating or plumbing need, or in our case, emergency. "
A . M from South Portland, ME on February 9th, 2016
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"Daves price was the best,mitsubishi is the best, and his team did a fantastic ,quick, and thorough installation.Our savings with the low oil prices this year has been one third less energy cost than this time last year.We would normally use 90 to 110 gallons of oil to heat with per month,our mitsubishi heat pump cost 80 d isollars increase to our electric bill the coldest month this winter,that a savings of over 40 percent. thanks DAVE!!!!!"
E . H from Falmouth, ME on February 4th, 2016
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"David was truly a pleasure to work with. Responsive, knowledgeable, went above and beyond. His whole team were just great to work with and to have in our house. We converted from a 1965 oil-fired forced hot water system to a Veissmann 222 propane-fueled forced hot water system. The old clunker weighed 1000 pounds and had been spewing soot for several years. The new system is so QUIET! And clean, and efficient, and beautiful! Who gets excited about a new furnace? We do! Especially because the folks that installed it were such a delight to work with and so responsive. I work with a lot of contractors, and my experience with David's company is one of the best I've had in 30 years. Highly recommend David Aaskov & Sons HVAC."
L . W from Portland, ME on January 31st, 2016
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"David and his sons installed a boiler and DHW for my home. When I called him on a Tuesday morning it was in the 20's outside and our heating system was completely down. Buy Tuesday afternoon he dropped of the new boiler and had it up and running by Thursday. The Viessmann boiler he recommended exceeded my expectations. The install was excellent . I would highly recommend David Aaskov & Sons. "
C . B from Naples, ME on January 10th, 2016
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"David and his sons installed an American Standard high 2-stage high efficiency furnace ( model AUH2B080A9V4) and a Rinnai on-demand hot water heater (model 65RVi). David was very thorough, cost-efficient and timely in completing the conversion from oil to natural gas. During an extremely busy time he worked within my tenants' travel schedue with a short lead time to complete the work while the house was unoccuppied. They went the extra mile to help remove the oil oil tank, hot water heater and furnace when others firms excluded that work from their quote. He also processed all rebates through Summit Natural Gas and Efficiency Maine. I could not be more pleased with their work, integrity and flexibility in executing the conversion. All at a very competitive price. I strongly recommend you consider David Aaskov & Sons based on my experience."
M . W from Falmouth, ME on January 5th, 2016
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"Thank you again for coming to our rescue, very quickly, when our hot water heater broke and required an ASAP replacement. I called three plumbers, you were the only one who picked up, and got me answers immediately. I am grateful for the fast service and assistance!"
C . H from Windham, ME on December 15th, 2015
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